Most of the questions about goats in general and our goats specifically we save for discussions at the field. Here, though, are answers to common questions about our rules and expectations.


Q:Can we feed them? (Why can’t we feed them?)

A: Please do not feed our animals. Many of them will come for scratches at the fence on their own if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, it’s important that only we are making health and safety decisions about the herd. These animals are well cared for, and we ask that you please do not substitute your judgment for our own. Yes, this includes anything you might be thinking “Even _____?” about. Feeding the animals is strictly prohibited.

Q: How much does it cost to visit the goats?

A: Nothing. While we are a nonprofit and entirely rely upon donations, you don’t have to give anything in order to come in and enjoy.

Q: Can you take the goats I can’t keep anymore?

A: No. We simply aren’t set up to take on additional goats, either as straight adoptions or temporary fosters. This goes for other animals as well. See our goats page for a list of rescues and sanctuaries.

Q: Can I volunteer? Can my teenage son or daughter?

Our volunteer situation is organic and fluid. Rather than having a volunteer program per se, we’ve tended to being on new people if and when we think someone might be a good fit. That said, once we’ve settled into our North Portland location, we will be doing some more overt volunteer outreach, mostly in the immediate vicinity.

Q: Do you rent the goats out to eat blackberries?

A: While this herd began on a field whose owners brought in rented herds to clear brush, our goats have never had this job. They are goats of leisure.

Q: why aren’t they called the lents goats?/Why aren’t they called the University Park goats?

A: The history is the brand. The nonprofit formed in 2014 was named The Belmont Goats because that’s how people referred to the herd, and rather than change the name of the corporation, and all of our social media presence, every time the herd moved, we stuck with the history. This is a common thing for businesses to do. Hawthorne Chiropractic left Hawthorne but kept the name. Seven Corners Cycles left Seven Corners but kept the name. Same here.