The Belmont Goats

Portland’s Resident Urban Herd

Now at Lents Town Center (SE 91st & Foster)

In Partnership with Green Lents

Meet the Goats!


Joined in Autumn 2012.
One of the original goats in the herd. Buddies with Phil.


Joined in Autumn 2012
One of the original goats in the herd. Buddies with Carl.


Joined in Winter 2012.
One of the earliest goats in the herd. Brother to Lefty. Herd king.


Joined in Winter 2012.
One of the earliest goats in the herd. Brother to Chester.


Joined in Spring 2013.
With Duchess. Mom to Clover and Precious. Herd co-queen.


Joined in Spring 2013.
With Bailey. Mom to Atho and Winter. Herd co-queen.


Joined in Spring 2013
With his brother Hickory. One of the first skittish to become social.


Joined in Spring 2013
With his brother Dusty. One of the first skittish to become social.


Joined Spring 2013.
At 4-days old. Sister to Cooper. Herd queen challenger?


Joined in Spring 2013.
At 4-days old. Brother to Bambi. Intensely curious.


Joined in September 2013.
Born into the herd. Sister to Precious. Daughter of Bailey.


Joined in September 2013.
Born into the herd. Sister to Clover. Daughter of Bailey.


Joined in December 2013.
Born into the herd. Brother to Winter. Son of Duchess.


Joined in December 2013.
Born into the herd. Sister to Atho. Daughter of Duchess.

5 = Very, very friendly. Will approach you, loves getting petted and scratched. May jump on you.
4 = Very friendly. Loves getting petted, scratched, and brushed. You might need to make the first move.
3 = Pretty friendly. Will most likely let you pet them, but might run away.
2 = Plays hard to get, depending on the day. Might let you pet them, might run away.
1 = Mean, aggressive, nasty. Hold onto your wallet. (None of these goats have this rating.)

Photos by Susan Bein

A Little About Us

Originally residing at what was known colloquially as Goat Field (or, to the local development community, the “goat blocks”), two city blocks bounded by SE Belmont and Taylor Streets and SE 11th and 10th Avenues, The Belmont Goats were preceded by three summers of unrelated herds rented from Goat Rental NW and Sauvie Island Goat Rental to weed the lot, part of an urban experiment pitched to developer Killian Pacific by landscape architect Brett Milligan.

After those first three years, Creative Woodworking NW — whose shop stands directly across the street from the property, and who’d helped care for those rented herds — arranged to have their own goats beginning in October 2012. That’s the herd which the Buckman neighborhood and the greater Portland community came to know and love over the course of the Spring and Summer of 2013, becoming (in the words of one supporter) a “nexus of an unexpected and spontaneous community”.

In late October 2013, after a year of uninterrupted residency, an approaching deadline to move the goats to make way for a long-anticipated development project raised the possibility of the herd being split up. Instead, a handful of its volunteer caretakers stepped up to purchase the herd in order to ensure that it remained intact, for the good of both the herd and the community — with the goal of finding a new publicly-accessible home.

While the herd no longer will reside on SE Belmont Street, its new owners officially named them The Belmont Goats in recognition of the history of urban goats at Goat Field.

Early in October 2014, at the invitation of the neighborhood and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, The Belmont Goats relocated to Lents Town Center in partnership with Green Lents, on land provided by the Portland Development Commission.

Current plans call for the herd to reside in Lents at least through mid-2016, where it will continue its found mission as a kind of rural community in an urban environment.

Our fiscal sponsor Green Lents is an all-volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to provide education, volunteer, and leadership opportunities in and around the Lents neighborhood to promote a thriving, sustainable community.

Visiting the Herd


We now have scheduled gate hours on Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00am and 2:00pm, and Wednesdays between 6:00pm and 8:00pm, weather permitting. Unscheduled gate hours continue as usual when we're on-site and not doing chores.

Goats typically are out and about during daylight hours, but secured for comfort and safety inside the shelter at night. Gate hours still are to be determined, and so might be intermittent. Keep an eye on our social media profiles for updates, or announcements of specific days we know we'll be on-site. If you see a caretaker, feel free to ask if it's visiting hours!

On occassion we can honor advance requests, especially from groups such as school classes, art clubs, bicycle or walking tours, or other community groups. Please understand this is not guaranteed, but we try to be available if we can.


  • The goats are guests of the neighborhood. You are guests of the goats. This is their home.
  • A healthy goat is a happy goat! Please don’t bring them food, as we need to know what they’re eating.
  • All the goats are approachable. If a goat approaches you, it’s probably open to being petted. (But if a goat avoids you, let it.)
  • Always respect the horns; do not grab them.
  • The shelter and climbing spools are for the goats and their caretakers only.
  • If you have a question, please ask! We love sharing what we know (and sometimes learning things together).


The Belmont Goats currently reside at Lents Town Center, along SE 91st Avenue between SE Foster and SE Reedway. We are above the Lents International Farmers Market (open June-October), and behind Portland Fire & Rescue Station 11 and Lents Masonic Lodge. If you need a street address for GPS navigation, you can use 5808 SE 91st Avenue.


We are conveniently accessed by TriMet routes 10-Harold St., 14-Hawthorne and 71-60th/122nd Ave, as well as by the MAX Green Line and the I-205 Multi-Use Path. If you're coming by car, you may use the public lot across SE 91st Avenue between the hours of 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

How to Help Out


You can contribute to our feed costs by adding funds to The Belmont Goats account at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, located on SE Schiller Street at SE 26th Avenue.


Online donations are temporarily suspended while we await our 501(c)(3) determination letter (EIN 46-5038819), at which point a new system will be put into place.


If you’d like to volunteer, please send us an email and we will keep you on file. At this time we are still working out our volunteer policies and procedures, so please be patient.

Connect With Us

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