Our herd of 14 goats & 1 hen invites you to the western edge of the University Park neighborhood in North Portland.


Photo: Our original home on SE Belmont St.


About Us

Portland’s nonprofit resident herd, offering an oasis of rural community amidst the built, urban environment since 2012.


Our Goats

Learn to identify each goat, when they joined the herd, and how they are and are not related to each other.


Come Visit

We currently hold open visiting hours from 11AM to 2PM on Saturdays and Sundays. All gate hours are announced or a notice is posted regarding cancellation on our social media pages, so please check there for any announcements! We do not hold hours in severe weather (smoke warnings, severe flooding, snowstorms). This is for the sake of both the goats and their caretakers.



People from Portland and beyond have had lots to say about the restorative impact of visiting The Belmont Goats.



Some answers to questions we frequently get about the herd, what it does and doesn’t do, and our rules of thumb.