We receive visitors from around the city, the country, and the world. Residents of our host neighborhoods become especially attached. Here’s a sampling of what people have had to say.

They are truly special and do something so basic and wonderful for all who are lucky enough to visit.
— Ashleigh M.
Perfect outing and as close to nature as you can get in the city!
— Samm K.
They make me smile every time I drive by.
— Renee B.
A pasture experience with The Belmont Goats is positively restorative.
— Cat W.
A great, local attraction for families and kiddos too!
— Kristy L.
Great idea and brings so much joy to the community!
— Lauren C.
I almost wanted to cry when I met these guys.
— Alice H.
Brings a welcome dose of character to this corner of the city.
— Matt E.
The herd is a great addition to our fun and funky city.
— Susan B.
Very peaceful and suitable for children of all ages.
— Shawni L.
I would come here every day if I lived closer.
— Jane H.
Friendly place to visit wonderful goats!
— Terrance L.
They are a civic treasure!
— Tim D.
Friendly, fun, and all-around wonderful little beings!
— Steve T.
They are teaching a great lesson on kindness and community.
— Erica B.
The world would be a better place if every neighborhood had a friendly, charming little herd.
— Camellia N.
They bring joy to everyone who interacts with them.
— Amanda E.
They have created not only a bond with each other but with the humans who have spent time with them.
— Alison B.
They’re cute, they don’t judge us, and they remind us that there’s more to the world than the challenges we face.
— Rebecca L.
They’ve fostered a sense of community, brightened our days, and brought a sense of much-needed whimsy to our lives.
— Regan F.
What a great attraction to have in the neighborhood and for the children.
— Deanna P.
Great weekend activity with kids or visitors from out of town or by yourself or on a date.
— Carrie F.
Consider your visit to The Belmont Goats as a gift of free therapy!
— Scott T.
The nexus of an unexpected and spontaneous community.
— K. Reynolds