Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

Some of the opportunities we have for volunteers have specific needs and requirements. Please see the descriptions below to know what each opportunity might entail!


Volunteers are needed to feed the goats and Juniper (the chicken), change out water, refill the food hopper with new bales of hay if needed, check the field’s perimeter for any litter, and make sure all the goats are happy and healthy. Chores will require training and a trial period to determine if it is a good fit for the volunteer.

Frequency: Every morning and evening. Shift availability varies depending on need.

gate hours

The Belmont Goats hold gate hours for the public to visit. Volunteers are needed to attend these gate hours to welcome visitors, answer any questions, and make sure visitors are following Chester’s Rules.

Frequency: Saturdays 11am-2pm, Sundays 11am-2pm


The Belmont Goats would like to expand fundraising opportunities (e.g. bake sales, restaurant fundraisers, etc.) and need volunteers’ help to do so. Any and all ideas are welcome!

Frequency: Occasional

The Belmont Goats would love to get to know their new neighbors in North Portland. Community outreach is somewhat new for The Belmont Goats, so volunteers are welcome to get creative on how to spread the word around the neighborhood.

Frequency: Occasional


The Belmont Goats need volunteers to help with pick-up and drop-offs of supplies (e.g. straw bales for bedding, food for Juniper, medical supplies, Home Depot runs for constructing/fixing structures, etc.)

Frequency: Occasional / As-Needed

Supply Pick Up

In the past, The Belmont Goats have participated in neighborhood events like Farmer’s Market “Kids Day”, local street fairs, and Holiday Bazaars. The Belmont Goats are limiting the number of events they are participating in currently, but will need volunteers for the occasional local event. Volunteers are needed to represent The Belmont Goats by setting up and taking down (if there are tables or booths present), transporting a goat to the event if needed, etc.

Frequency: Occasional